Get Best Places to Visit in Argentina with Delta Airlines Deals!

So many South American countries have been influenced by the Spanish colonialism and it’s because of them that most counties in South America speak Spanish making it the second most spoken language in the world. And today let’s talk about Argentina which is last southern nation of the continent, this country has so much to talk about especially its rich Spanish influence and culture that is so popular all over the country. The food, drinks, and wine are so fascinating to watch every time you land to a new place in Argentina with delta airlines. This airline is literally among the best airline that takes you to see so many wonderful places in Argentina offering good and low-cost prices. For more info, Call at Delta Phone Number.

Here are some of the best places you can travel with Delta Airlines Flights.

Buenos Aires- one cannot leave Argentina without seeing the capital city Buenos Aires, its beautiful colonial architecture and fantastic street art all around the city makes it so amazing that you need to stay there for a week to at least get the feeling of what it’s like being an Argentinean. And right beside the city, there is a river name Rio del plaza which is another wonderful tourist attraction that you don’t want to miss. If you are booking through Delta airlines, then you would better want to do the Delta Airlines Flights Reservations because the prices here are definitely worth it. You will get a real discount price to visit Argentina again.

Cordoba- it is another great city in Argentina, it is also the second largest city in Argentina. The city is surrounded by mountains and valleys that make it so beautiful when you travel there; it also has so many tourist attractions. People from all over South America and other continent make a visit at least once a year to get the feel of Cordoba. Its popular attraction places are the old colonial churches and monuments built by the Spanish invaders.

Iguazu falls- this waterfall lies along the border of Argentina with Brazil, it is not very far away from Buenos Aires as it is very easy and accessible once you get to the capital city. It’s very easy to get a closer look at this falls because there are so many skywalks made for the tourist to visit. This place is now protected and named as the UNESCO world heritage site and due to this name it has gained massive popularity over the past few years and since then, this place has been filled with a huge number of tourist every day. It is said that the approximate height of this fall is about 60 to 80 meters tall.

Perito Moreno Glacier- the small town of El Calafate offers so many accommodations and places to stay where you can visit the 3rd largest freshwater preserved in the world and is also another UNESCO world heritage site. It is this place that a lot of hikers and adventurers come here to take beautiful pictures that gives them a chance to be featured on national geography. Till now so many people have already visited this massive glacier taking really closer look at it. This glacier is a massive 30 kilometers long ice formation which is only 78 kilometers away from the town center.

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